Ms. Ricki A Dagosta, Senior Account Executive
1350 Church Street EXT NE Suite 200
Marietta, GA 30060
(800) 285-8626 (phone)
(770) 427-7669 (fax)
Membership Level: Silver Service Member
Valued member since December 2012
QwickRate’s Marketplace is the premier non-brokered CD marketplace for institutional funding and investing, delivering a cost-effective way for more than 3,000 subscribers to gain direct access to a nationwide CD market to help proactively manage their liquidity needs. In addition, our online QwickAnalytics® tools provide a quick and affordable way for any size bank to access their Financial Story and that of their competitors. High-performing banks rely on QwickAnalytics for Competitive Research, Regulatory Compliance Reporting and to monitor Bank & Peer Performance. Save time, keep directors informed and satisfy regulators. Learn more at www.qwickrate.com or call 800.285.8626

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