The Mercadien Group

Mr. Salvatore Zerilli, Managing Director
3625 Quackerbridge Road
Hamilton, NJ 08619
(609) 689 9700 (phone)
(609) 689 9720 (fax)
Membership Level: Silver Service Member
Valued member since January 2010
Mercadien can assist your financial institution in increasing its bottom line. Our professionals know that you not only want sophisticated advice and solutions that work, but you also need value and a plan that is scaled for you. We bring a best practice approach based on our extensive knowledge in the banking industry from services such as regulatory compliance, BSA/AML, and information technology to an outsourced internal audit department, we are always available to you and your management, and we can help in ways that go beyond formal services. It is critical for a financial institution to institute proper policies, procedures, and internal controls to ensure that you remain in compliance and protect the safety and soundness of your institution. Let us help you.

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