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Partners On-the-Line Webinars

Our free partners on-the-line webinars feature ABA endorsed solutions that help banks grow their business, cut costs and transform the customer experience.

November 2018

Tuesday, November 20
2:00 pm ET

De-Risking Strategies for Frozen Defined Benefit Plans

Presented by Pentegra

Most plan sponsors that “hard freeze” their defined benefit plan do so to mitigate the unpredictable and, at many times, high cost of the plan. Whether this is a temporary measure or a permanent one, plan sponsors must continue to administer and fund these “frozen” plans.

Join Pentegra's Stephen A. Hughes, AVP, as he provides steps that plan sponsors can take to mitigate some of the risks associated with the ongoing administration of your frozen defined benefit plan.

December 2018

Thursday, December 6
2:00 pm ET

Man vs Machine. How Machine Learning is Transforming Traditional OCR

Presented by LoanLogics

The need to intelligently process loan file data has never been greater. Bankers can no longer rely solely on traditional OCR and maintain loan quality in this data-rich environment. Thankfully, machine learning is transforming what is possible with OCR. 

In this webinar, learn how intelligent data and doc processing is fueling rules-based cloud technology, advancing QC audit automation and paving the way for the future of real-time inline quality management for mortgage loan manufacturing.

Webinar will also explore:

  • What is Capture 2.0? Transforming data into actionable information
  • Why the need for more and more data is critical to the future of mortgage lending
  • How OCR uses machine learning as a starting point to power Automated Document Recognition (ADR) and Automated Document Extraction (ADE) technology
  • Where machine learning fits under the AI umbrella
  • What to consider when adopting machine learning and how to measure its impact

Thursday, December 13
2:00 pm ET

ATM Security: Trends and Best Practices

Presented by Allpoint

How do you protect countless billions in cash hidden in plain sight around the globe? How do you keep it from the hands of sophisticated cyber crooks and organized adversaries galvanized by that much currency?

From ATM jackpotting to skimming, attacks on ATMs are intensifying and grabbing worldwide attention. These attacks have prompted the industry to refocus and increase budgets for ATM security.

Cardtronics collaborates with all levels of law enforcement, fellow financial institutions, and other security partners on all aspects of ATM security. Attend this webinar to hear a discussion of the trends and methods by which ATMs and data are attacked and what you can do to protect your customer channels.

Questions? Please contact Jackie Lucas for more information.