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Partners On-the-Line Webinars

Our free partners on-the-line webinars feature ABA endorsed solutions that help banks grow their business, cut costs and transform the customer experience.

May 2019

Wednesday, May 22
2:00 pm ET

Construction finance is stressful. You need a modern solution.

Presented by Built

Whether you’re a consumer or commercial construction lender, managing your portfolio using legacy systems is stressful and convoluted. For years, construction finance has remained the second-least digitized economic sector in the U.S., making it challenging for lenders to efficiently mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and provide their borrowers a best in class user experience. Learn how modern technology is helping lenders keep up with economic demands by eliminating siloed systems and automating manual processes to accelerate the movement of money through the entire construction ecosystem. This webinar will be presented by Built Technologies.

Thursday, May 23
2:00 pm ET

Digital Design Thinking Webinar

Presented by Finastra

By 2021, three billion people worldwide will be banking via digital platforms. People increasingly expect a user experience that matches their digital lifestyle.To compete with the big players, banks must offer a highly personalized, relevant digital experience that is consistent across multiple channels.

This webinar explores:

  • How best-in-class banks are delivering a mobile and desktop experience that is consistent and led by mobile sensibilities
  • Rich feature sets that have taken the overall mobile and digital experience to new heights of usability and ease
  • Research findings of best banks that are pushing the mobile design envelope
  • Key Innovations just on the horizon that will transform digital banking engagement

Tuesday, May 28
2:00 pm ET

Cannabis National Bank: Challenges and Insurance Considerations Related to Serving Marijuana-Related Businesses

Presented by ABA Insurance Services

As business is growing for marijuana-related businesses (“MRB’s”) in states that have allowed legalized marijuana sales and passed decriminalization measures, the need is increasing for suitable banking services for these businesses. While a number of banks are willing to establish banking relationships, many are unwilling to do so, preferring to let the dust settle. What do banks need to understand before establishing MRB relationships?


  • Terry Cawley, Liability Claims Manager, ABA Insurance Services
  • Lisa Micciche, Senior Product Manager, ABA Insurance Services

Wednesday, May 29
2:00 pm ET

Attracting and Retaining Key Employees

Presented by NFP/Equias Alliance, an NFP Company

Bankers continue to be concerned about losing top talent to competing organizations, especially with today's low unemployment rate. Retaining top talent remains critical from a management perspective as well as to help grow shareholder value.

During this webinar, case studies of custom-tailored nonqualified benefit plans used to attract and retain key officers will be presented, as well as a framework you can use to evaluate your various compensation and nonqualified benefit plans.ips?

June 2019

Tuesday, June 4
2:00 pm ET

Maximizing Merchant Growth with First Data’s Merchant Acquisition Program

Presented by First Data CFI

The path to merchant growth relies on a collaborative, efficient, data-driven approach. Learn how First Data’s Merchant Acquisition Program (MAP) can be customized to fit your merchant portfolio and existing product initiatives while strategically targeting acquisition opportunities.

With the power of MAP--along with First Data CFI's top-tier technology and excellent customer service--your bank can be the go-to partner for payments in your community, earning significant non-interest income and enhancing merchant satisfaction.

Tuesday, June 4
2:00 pm ET

From Whiteboard to Boardroom: Driving Compliance & Risk Technology Investment in Your Organization

Presented by 360factors

360factors examines motivators that guide the decision-making of the boardroom and how to use them to gain internal advocacy for technology investment by connecting risk and compliance needs to organizational goals.

Thursday, June 6
2:00 pm ET

Subservicing: What Is It & How Will It Work For My Community Bank?

Presented by Midwest Loan Services

If you are retaining mortgage servicing rights or contemplating this decision, there are certain factors you should be considering to get a full understanding of the responsibilities and expenses. For example, challenges such as ensuring staff expertise and bandwidth for the work and compliance issues involved. What's the actual bottom-line cost of servicing mortgages in house? Would you be better off (financially and risk-wise) to outsource them instead? Attend this webinar with Midwest Loan Services to learn more.

Tuesday, June 11
2:00 pm ET

CECL: Synthesizing Complexities to a Board

Presented by Abrigo

The current expected credit loss standard, or CECL, has been called one of the biggest changes ever to accounting for financial institutions, and every bank and credit union in the U.S. must assess CECL’s impact on its processes and on the allowance. With the change comes new roadblocks, one of which is explaining the complexities of CECL to a board in a straight-forward and clear manner.

When the conversation switches from an accounting employee’s desk to the boardroom, the focus should be less on data, segmentation, and methodologies and more on the predicted impact on financial statements. Employees who are responsible for building out CECL calculations may appear to be speaking a different language than the high-level board members who care less about minute details associated with the accounting for credit losses (ACL).

Join to learn:

  • What different members of the board care about 
  • How to address early questions from board members on anticipated reserve levels under CECL 
  • How to explain CECL differences from current model in a simple manner 
  • How to explain high-impact/complex CECL challenges in a simple manner
  • Why CECL may cause irregularities in both earnings and capital
  • Strategies to reduce potential negative impact on earnings

Tuesday, June 11
2:00 pm ET

Stearns Lending Presents a Mortgage Lending Case Study

Presented by Stearns Lending

Learn how you can originate mortgage loans for your portfolio in a cost-effective and efficient manner when you join this live interview with an ABA member Bank for a discussion of the bank's experience working with Stearns as a strategic partner.

Tuesday, June 18
2:00 pm ET

Social media in Banking in 2019—How banks are using social media to extend their brand, grow revenues and drive customer engagement

The webinar will cover results from the survey of more than 430 banks of all asset sizes from across the United States and will highlight challenges, goals and best practices in the use of social media.

Wednesday, June 19
2:00 pm ET

How to Transition to a Digital Mortgage Platform Compliantly & Cost-Effectively

Presented by ComplianceEase and Promontory Fulfillment Services

Offering a technology-enabled mortgage experience is critical to remaining successful in today’s highly competitive mortgage market. The right technology can enhance borrower experience, deliver perfected data, and provide a detailed audit trail, ensuring a compliant lending journey. But, adopt the wrong technology solutions, and you risk automating repeatable defects, which can be costly and time consuming to correct.

What should bankers be thinking about to ensure they’re employing the right technology to address their needs compliantly? With the increasing costs and complexities of maintaining compliance processes, how can alternative solutions lessen the regulatory burden and increase lending profitability based on variable costs as opposed to fixed overhead?

ComplianceEase and Promontory Fulfillment Services discuss compliance challenges related to digital mortgages, how to select and implement technology compliantly while reducing regulatory costs, improving the customer experience, and making mortgage lending profitable--and sustainable--again.

Thursday, June 20
2:00 pm ET

Redesigned URLA/Form 1003 Update

Presented by Fannie Mae

Denise Rivoal from Fannie Mae will provide an overview of the redesigned Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA/Fannie Mae Form 1003) and the new loan application submission file. She will review the implementation timeline, provide an overview of resources Fannie Mae has published to assist industry with the transition, and answer your questions. The session will include key takeaways and information regarding what you should be doing now to prepare for this significant mortgage industry change.

Thursday, June 25
2:00 pm ET

The ADA and Web Accessibility: How to Minimize Legal Risks in Banking

Presented by Level Access

Web accessibility lawsuits reached an all-time high in 2018, with over 2,250 filed cases. Now, more than ever, it’s critical that you understand how—and when—the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is applied to banking websites, mobile apps, and other digital content.

Join Level Access for a discussion of recent cases and legal trends that your organization needs to know about. From the recent explosion of lawsuits against banks to the Department of Justice’s decision to abandon plans to regulate website accessibility, Level Access will help you wade through the legal morass and understand what your organization can do now to minimize the risk of costly litigation (and the bad publicity that goes with it).

Thursday, June 26
2:00 pm ET

How to Protect Your Customers' Financial Wellness

Presented by Franklin Madison

While banks are focused on digital for their core products, they are missing a big opportunity by not focusing on going digital for insurance--a key area for enhancing customer loyalty. How does a bank with little experience in offering insurance to its customers embrace digital? How can digital insurance be a key differentiator for a bank? How do banks with limited resources offer insurance in the different ways that their customers prefer to buy? 

Join this webinar to learn about the importance of going digital with insurance to increase loyalty and achieve growth.

Questions? Please contact Jackie Lucas for more information.