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Money Concepts: Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Since 1984, banks have been using Money Concepts to provide financial planning and wealth management services to their customers and members.

Money Concepts has been hailed as the best kept secret in the wealth management and financial planning industry because of their turnkey business systems and family-like approach.

And, with thousands of independent nonproprietary financial products and services, they can deliver a custom financial strategy for all commercial banks, savings & loans and thrift institutions.

Other key highlights are:
  • Financial Services Business System scales the bank's time by delegating low value activities to Money Concepts.
  • Marketing systems and procedures have been proven successful and efficient over time.
  • Technology Suite streamlines both operations and client relationships.



 Wealth Management and Financial Planning Solution

Money Concepts has access to non-proprietary products and services throughout the wealth management and financial planning industry.  Currently their product portfolio includes more than 24,000 products from over 300 individual companies from the following areas:
  • Wealth Management & Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance – Life, Disability, Long Term Care
  • Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds
  • Discount Brokerage Services
  • 1031 Exchange
  • Annuities
  • Hard Assets

Tech-Edge™ Technology Solution

Money Concepts Tech-Edge™ is a combination of proprietary and industry leading software. Each piece is tested to ensure the efficiencies of back-office tasks. Money Concepts invests millions of dollars in software technology to provide a more efficient and effective value proposition. The firms' technology solutions include but are not limited to the following:
  • LaserApp™
  • E-Docs - Our Paperless System​​​
  • Webops Blotter
  • Client View - Client Relationship Management System, including - Consolidated
  • Client Statements
  • Sentinel Report
  • Dashboard System - Financial Institution Management Reporting Tool
  • - Online Client Account Aggregation and Records Vault Tracker
  • Morningstar Advisor Work Station
  • Net Exchange Pro™
  • NaviPlan / Financial Profiles

Learn more about what the Money Concept solutions can do for you:




Money Concepts

Money Concepts provides wealth management and financial planning services to the banking community. The firm's proven turn-key business model provides true ownership of the business, independent and non-proprietary products, an integrated technology platform, staff training and education through Money Concepts University. Money Concepts was founded in 1979.

The firm has built a national reputation within the banking community by assisting financial institutions to become significantly more profitable, gain lasting competitive advantages and enhance customer relationships. Wide-ranging acceptance of Money Concepts' ideas and business tools has resulted in dynamic growth with more than 700 offices globally.


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  • Proven and unique Business Model
  • Attracts N​ew Customers
  • Independent & Non-Proprietary Products
  • New Profit Center​​
    • Fees / Commissions
    • Assets Under Management
    • Wealth Management / Financial Planning Emphasis
  • Enhances Current Customer Relationships
  • Money Concepts University
  • Local / National Training & Education
  • Staff Training Education
  • True Ownership of Business





2018 Due Diligence Workshops

Money Concepts' due diligence workshops enable bankers to see the inner workings of its ABA-endorsed Wealth Management and Financial Planning solution and discuss one-on-one how the program can serve bank customers. All travel expenses are paid by Money Concepts for these 1½-day events, which take place at the company's Florida headquarters. ​Workshops are scheduled for:

  • January 9 - 10
  • February 6 - 7
  • April 10 -11
  • May 8 - 9
  • June 5 - 6
  • August 7 - 8
  • October 9 - 10

Contact Barry Dayley at (561) 847-2112  to learn more and reserve your spot.

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 Due Diligence Report


Due diligence reports  are currently available on select solutions and for bank members only.
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In a rapidly changing landscape, banks turn to the proven expertise of ABA Endorsed Solutions for the most advanced technologies and products to grow their business, cut costs and transform the customer experience.
Questions? Please contact Helen Sullivan at (202) 663-5167.