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Rippleshot: Automated Card Compromise Detection Platform


By leveraging the power of machine big data analytics, Sonar’s technology:
  • Analyzes your entire card portfolio daily and delivers actionable reports to your team
  • Determines the common point of purchase among compromised cards and ranks cardholder by risk level
  • Assesses each card’s total exposure from all breached merchants to determine the probability that it will become fraudulent
  • Equips issuers with a strategic action plan to meet their fraud loss and reissuance targets

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Reduce bank fraud losses and costly card re-issuances with Sonar from Rippleshot, a solution that enables card issuers to monitor and manage data compromises. 

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What are the current card fraud trends and how does your organization compare? Rippleshot invites you to participate in its semi-annual 2018 Card Fraud Benchmark Survey, designed to provide you with timely insights into the true cost of card fruad and how your portfolio compares. Complete the 10-minute survey. Participants will receive a detailed benchmark report with industry-wide card fraud metrics by FI asset size.





Sonar analyzes millions of card transactions daily to proactively detect compromised merchants and identify an issuer’s at-risk cards. Sonar’s Fraud Forecast™ score assesses each card’s total exposure from all breached merchants to determine the probability that it will become fraudulent in the next 90 days — equipping issuers with a strategic action plan to meet their fraud loss and reissuance targets while minimizing customer impact.
  • More profitable loan portfolio growth
  • Increased cross sale penetration
  • Increased new relationship acquisition 

Key Features

  • Detects Compromised Accounts Faster: Identifies CPP faster than MasterCard and Visa CAMS alerts with daily updates. Detects big and small compromised merchants that MC and Visa overlook. Sonar analytics calculate the impact of each breach on the bank and its card holders
  • Automatically IDs Compromised Cards: Identifies and associates the compromised cards with the breached merchant, and predicts which cards will turn fraudulent in the next 90 days
  • Automates and Optimizes the Reissuance Process: Eliminates manual processes and stops reissuance of cards unlikely to turn fraudulent. Reduces fraud losses, saves reissuance costs, and increases transactions and customer satisfaction

Learn more about what the Sonar solution can do for you:​





Card fraud shouldn’t be something banks have to shoulder alone. It’s complex, labor intensive and ever-changing as fraudsters’ techniques get faster and more sophisticated. It’s certainly harder when on your own. To help banks proactively detect and fight fraud, Rippleshot created Fraud Forecast™ to empower issuers to optimize their reissuance process, via its flagship product, Sonar. This collaborative tool helps banks fight fraud with data and the power of machine learning.
With over 40 years of experience identifying and mitigating card fraud, Rippleshot saw the problem grow from a transaction-level headache to a weekly news headline. In 2013, Rippleshot took a big-data machine learning approach that is familiar in advertising and search industries, and applied it in a novel way for the payment processing industry. This approach helps banks, merchants, and processors proactively monitor, detect and stop suspicious fraudulent activity, and implement smarter fraud risk management and reissuance strategies when card compromises do occur.




Banks employing Sonar rules have seen up to a 400% lift in the amount of fraud captured while lowering false positives.​

  • Faster CPP identification. Sonar's common point of purchase (CPP) identification is faster than any traditional method of detection on the market today. In the case of Home Depot, Sonar detected the breach more than 100 days before the public announcement.
  • Facilitates better use of resources. Bankers spend significantly less time tracking down CPPs. Resources can be more effectively allocated toward fraud mitigation.
  • Enhances bank profitability. Sonar's built-in functionality provides smart rule suggestions for your portfolio to help you capture more fraud while keeping customers happily spending. 







  • Fiserv Introduces Innovation in Early Breach Detection with Rippleshot Partnership
  • American Banker - “ [Rippleshot] Collects data from card issuer clients and pores through card transactions to find signs of fraudulent behavior, often by looking at past illicit activity and comparing it to current behavior. It zeros in on specific merchant locations to find trouble spots.” 
  • Crain’s Chicago Business - “Tran and his team developed an algorithm that determines the common point of purchase among compromised cards. Rippleshot's portal then sends out alerts so clients—banks, credit unions and retailers—can shut fraud down quickly.” 
  • The Nilson Report - “Rippleshot statistical analytics and machine learning can distinguish between the actual data breach and any nearby stores that get payments from the same cardholders. This lets them provide assessments with significantly fewer false positives.”
  • - “Rippleshot entered a market where cybercrime was about to become an ominously familiar household word. And though no one likes thinking about it, being aware is proven time and again as the best method for warding it off.” 
  • Bank Innovation - As consumer card transactions are primed to overtake cash transactions for the first time in 2016, Bank Innovation speaks with Rippleshot on the impact of fraud on card growth.
  • Dallas Business Journal - an article featuring Rippleshot’s CEO Canh Tran discusses why grocery stores and banks are hotspots for credit card fraudsters in Texas. The article also includes a visual slide show of typical places fraudulent credit is spent by fraudsters in the state.





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