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MST and Sageworks: Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Solutions

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MST and Sageworks offer banks flexibility in their path to Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) compliance. Supporting more banks than any other vendor, the MST and Sageworks technologies allow banks to choose the delivery method and model that’s right for them while transitioning to CECL with confidence.




The MST Loan Loss Analyzer and Sageworks ALLL solutions automate the allowance calculation to maintain compliance with current and future GAAP. The solutions offer banks a host of robust loss rate methodologies and segmentation options from which the institution can create the most defensible and representative model of credit loss in their portfolio. Banks also benefit from the organization’s Advisory Services teams, who interpret the accounting standard and help the bank translate regulatory requirements into a supportable ALLL and eventual ACL.

The MST Loan Loss Analyzer (LLA) streamlines the calculation and documentation for accurately estimating the allowance today and the Allowance for Credit Losses (ACL) under CECL. Enables your bank to satisfy regulatory and audit requirements with an automated process tailored to your institution’s unique methodology. The LLA integrates with any core system as well as additional interfaces such as general ledger, charge-off and recovery, credit card and others.   


Sageworks ALLL offers banks flexibility in the transition to CECL by providing a platform in which the institution can try different scenarios quickly and easily to see the estimated impact on the allowance and capital. With 7 different, configurable loss rate methodologies, the bank can customize its CECL model by loan pool to achieve the calculation that’s more reflective of loss and defensible for audits and exams. Why Sageworks?


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MST and Sageworks are part of the Banker’s Toolbox technology family, which supports the growth and risk management objectives at more than 2,300 financial institutions. In addition to innovative and easy to use software, the organization also provides industry leading Advisory Services, so institutions can make the CECL transition with a partner instead of just a vendor.

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  • Significant time savings as bankers do not have to track down data, reconcile balances in several spreadsheets or manually update formulas

  • Auditor and examiner satisfaction through a defensible and documented allowance process

  • Flexibility to quickly try different scenarios and segmentation strategies without overhauling the calculation

  • Robust loss rate methodologies, including discounted cash flow, that allow the bank to choose the best model for their loan pools and portfolio

  • Integration with  any core system as well as additional interfaces such as general ledger, charge-off and recovery, credit card, Small Business Administration (SBA) data and others

  • Designed with scalability in mind to meet the growing needs of the financial institution

  • Full-service support team offering quick, unlimited technical support

  • Hosted in the institution behind your firewall or in the cloud, you choose the hosting option that is best for your institution
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