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Gradifi: SLP (Student Loan Paydown) Plan

"Gradifi’s secure and easy-to-use platform made the choice of provider easy. We appreciate great service, and they are top-notch."
– Mollie M. Richardson, Chief People Officer, First Republic Bank

Gradifi and LendKey Team Up to Expand Options for Bank Employees with Student Loans

Gradifi has teamed up with digital lending leader LendKey, provider of ABA-endorsed Student Loans and Student Loan Refinancing, to allow banks to offer their employees more student loan refinance options through Gradifi Refi. Gradifi Refi enhances your ability to respond to the Number 1 concern faced by many of your employees—the high cost of repaying student loans. Learn more Request a demo.

ABA members receive a 20% discount on participant fees.

Implementation and annual fees are waived in perpetuity.

Gradifi, the industry leader in student loan repayment benefits, pioneered the SLP Plan® (Student Loan Paydown) benefit. Gradifi's secure online platform enables employers to make direct contributions to employees’ student loans, reducing their overall repayment time and lowering the total cost of the loan.
This employee benefit is becoming increasingly popular with employers to help attract and retain key talent, particularly Millennials, who are now the largest generation in the workforce and are uniquely burdened by student debt. In a recent study by Oliver Wyman, commissioned by Gradifi, 58% of working professionals with student debt stated they would prefer their employer help them pay down their student loans rather than contribute to their retirement savings. A staggering 90% said a student loan repayment benefit would positively impact their decision to accept an offer, recommend an employer, or stay at their job.




Gradifi SLP Plan®


  • Simplicity
    Gradifi's platform is easy to use for both the bank and bank employees. The platform does not require any integrations to your current systems. Once your program is set up on the platform, your employees can register and enter their loan information in less than 10 minutes. 

  • Flexibility
    The platform enables you to design a program that meets your bank’s goals. You can customize your program based on the contribution amount and frequency. You can even increase contributions over time to increase employee retention.

  • Security
    Protecting customer and member data is a top priority for Gradifi. They are ISO 27001 certified and compliant with the best practices of all relevant financial services standards.




Student loan debt is a problem affecting over 40 million people in the United States. It has a dramatic impact on people’s lives with many feeling the burden of a monthly payment exceeding $500 - $1,000 per month. In 2014, Gradifi’s founder, Tim DeMello, came up with a solution to the problem. Employers can make contributions to their employees’ student loans, helping them get out of debt up to 25 percent faster.


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  • Understand What Your Employees Need
    Attract and retain the best talent for your bank by offering this innovative benefit. Show your employees you understand what they need.

  • Help Employees Save Money
    Address the financial well-being of your employees. Help them save thousands and cut years off their loans so they can achieve their life goals.

  • Support the Decrease of Debt
    Be a part of the solution to society’s $1.3 trillion problem of student loan debt.






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