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Akouba: Small Business Loan Origination Platform

Akouba "Akouba was chosen because they have established an effective and reliable platform for banks to execute the business lending process quickly, efficiently, and profitably while also delivering a great customer and banker experience."
– Bryan Luke, Chairman of ABA’s Endorsed Solutions Banker Advisory Council and
President and COO, Hawaii National Bank Honolulu

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In the small business lending space, banks struggle to deliver loans quickly, conveniently, and profitably.  Akouba understands these and other challenges banks have originating small business loans. That’s why Akoubas's secure cloud-based SaaS platform has been designed and built to reduce end-to-end time, increase profits and give both customers and bankers a much better experience, all while using the individual bank’s own unique credit policy and risk metrics.

Akouba’s platform is an extremely “bank friendly” end-to-end lending solution built with the best and most modern practices in software. The platform’s strength is in its ability to efficiently gather and aggregate “more and better” data, and streamline loan workflow from application to funding.  The result is more profitable loan portfolio growth, increased cross sale penetration, and increased new relationship acquisition.




Small Business Loan Origination Platform


Akouba’s endorsed small business lending platform is an end-to-end solution for financial institutions.Gain more profitable loan portfolio growth, increased cross-sale penetration, and increased new relationship acquisition using the Akouba solution for small business loan origination. The platform is:
  • An extremely “bank friendly” white labeled end-to-end lending solution
  • Built with the ability to efficiently gather and aggregate “more and better” data
  • Equipped to streamline loan workflow from application to funding

Key Features

  • Secure Omnichannel Application Borrow Login and Portal
    • Borrowers can complete an application on their own, with their banker, in multiple sessions or all at once
    • Portal is used after submission, throughout the remainder of the lending process to accept terms, provide additional documents and ultimately close the loan digitally.
    • Helpful Hints for Hard Questions
    • Borrowers can Securely and Privately Add Additional Owners easily
  • Dedicated Secure Omnichannel Banker Portal
    • Pipeline View and Lead Generation
    • Automated Document Requests, automatically send out requests for documentation
    • Robust Analytics
    • Workflow Tracking
    • Risk Rating & Financial Analysis
    • Banks retain total control over their risk profile and the data is presented in a way that enables the underwriting team to quickly assess credit worthiness.
    • Uncover more opportunities by enabling your bankers to discover cross selling opportunities
  • Secure Document Uploads
  • Risk Rating and Financial Analysis
  • Transfer Data to LaserPro
  • Automated Document Management
  • 4506T Tax Transcript Feature
  • Akouba’s platform is web accessibility certified and is enhanced and optimized to conform with the informative guidance provided by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level Success Criteria, providing access to those with low vision or no vision.

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Akouba IS NOT a lender. Akouba is a secure, digital end-to-end platform that allows banks to take a business loan from app to closing, online.
With Akouba, banks continue to use their money, their credit policy, and risk-rating metrics while continuing to build relationships with their customers. Akouba just provides the technology to help them get SMB deals done faster, more efficiently, and more profitably, while enhancing both the customer and banker experience.



  • Reduced End-To-End Time for both the customer and banker, maximizing efficiencies of both front and back office staff with most banks experiencing up to a 66% decrease in end to end time.

  • Increased Profits by enable the bank to make loans that are otherwise unprofitable and cost prohibitive to process for example our clients are experiencing a reduction in cost per loan booked of more than 50%.

  • Better Experience for borrowers and staff, borrowers benefit from faster end to end time, quicker access to the capital they need, and the added convenience and flexibility of omni-channel access while staff are able to leverage the data to more comprehensively serve their client needs resulting in both maximized customer and banker retention.

  • Immediately Capture Lead Information for use in marketing efforts including retargeting.

  • Automated Document Management means there is one central location where all documents live and can be referenced in any calculations that are made by the platform or any of your analysts.

  • Your Customers, Your Policies, Your Money… Akouba's Technology because Akouba knows banks are the best at building relationships, originating loans, and providing reasonable financing solutions.

  • A dedicated Account Representative who will serve as the liaison between the bank and Akouba to ensure consistent communications and ongoing relationship development.

  • Seamless Feature Updates & Improvements due to Akouba’s  cloud based, SaaS structure including ongoing updates for feature releases, user experience updates, bug fixes and industry regulation updates.

  • Ongoing Relationship with your bank and staff to discover what areas we can improve to increase successful and completed applications.
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