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Upside Down Thinking on Efficiency


Upside Down Thinking on Efficiency

Brought to you by: Haberfeld

In this episode: 

Dr. Sean C. Payant, Chief Consulting Officer, Haberfeld 
Shelly Loftin, Senior Vice President, Retail, Lending, and Payments, American Bankers Association



For 35 years, Haberfeld Associates has helped community banks nationwide dramatically increase overall growth and profitability through a complete system of activities. By attracting twice as many profitable customer relationships (retail and business) as their peers, Haberfeld clients gain significantly more core deposits, loan volume, and non-interest/fee income. Banks using their growth strategy average 29% more ROA and 26% more ROE when compared to peer banks, and over time their efficiency ratios improve. Adding up its clients’ branch networks, Haberfeld represents the 7th largest financial institution in the country. The company analyzes data from over 10 million accounts on a monthly basis to provide its clients with the best strategy for immediate and sustained growth. Learn more and request a complimentary Market Opportunity Analysis by visiting www.Haberfeld.com.