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Three Things You Must Do to Keep Staff Safe

Brought to you by: 3SI Security Systems

Episode Summary

Designed specifically for banks, SafeBanker is an employee mobile safety, compliance, procedural verification and emergency notification system that also protects staff at branch opening and closing times – when they are most vulnerable.


  • Kevin Mullins, VP of Emerging Markets at 3SI Security Systems
  • Heather Wyson, VP, Cyber & Physical Security


3SI Security Systems
3SI Security Systems

3SI Security Systems is the world leader in asset protection systems designed to recover stolen cash and high-value assets, apprehend criminals and deter crime. With over 45 years’ experience, our innovative solutions combat crime through a variety of technologies including Tracking, Cash Tracing and SaaS Safety Systems. Our tracking technology boasts a 70+% success rate and is supported by over 7,000 law enforcement agencies. In total, our solutions have helped recover over $103 million in stolen cash and property and led to the arrest of many thousands of dangerous, career criminals. Our new SaaS solutions, SafeBanker® and SafeResource®, utilize app-based technology to protect staff from crime during vulnerable openings and closings.