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The New Era of Data Governance


The New Era of Data Governance

Brought to you by: Microsoft Corporation

In this episode: 

Effie Kilmer, Chief Data Officer Engagement Lead, Azure Data Governance, Microsoft
Sam Lisker, EVP, ABA

Episode Summary

Over the past 15 years, data governance has been positioned as a defensive function to support heavy regulatory demands following the financial crisis of 2008. Data governance set the growing prominence of the Chief Data Officer role within organizations to effectively manage an ever-growing data estate. Fast forward to today, the volume of data generated supersedes what can be accomplished with traditional tooling and manual processes. To truly become data-driven and realize the value of digital investments starts with the data foundation. Learn what is required to set a successful data foundation to manage risk today and generate new revenue streams.

For information on what Effie discusses, please visit: Azure Purview - Unified Data Governance Solution | Microsoft Azure

The full CDMC framework v1.1 can be found here: Cloud Data Management - EDM Council