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Open Banking as a Revenue Driver

January 5th, 2023


Open Banking as a Revenue Driver

Brought to you by: Engage fi

Episode Summary


  • Virginia Heyburn, Director of Research, Insights and Advocacy, Engage fi
  • Jamie Beaulieu, SVP, Executive Education & CEO Programs, ABA

Open Banking is the buzzword of the day in banking circles, creating confusion and concern around what banks should do next to better understand and create new possibilities promised by the pundits. Far more than the obvious API- based integration advantage, Open Banking is first and foremost a business strategy for the future. As the  financial industry transforms into a platform economy, Open Banking opens doors for banks to create new revenue paths and new ways of acquiring and expanding customer relationships. Ownership of the digital experience and a robust data management strategy will now be prerequisites for banks of all sizes. This session will build a business case for Open Banking that shows the possibilities for new revenue streams and the need for Open Banking strategies across both core banking and digital banking.