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Generating Value Out of AML AI


Generating Value Out of AML AI

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In this episode: 

Soumya Sahayam. Senior Director and Global Head of Financial Crime Sales Strategy, NICE Actimize
Dorothy Friedlander, VP, ABA

Episode Summary

Customers are always changing, as are financial crime typologies –it's no longer enough to leverage static rules in the fight against money laundering and counter terrorism financing (CTF). To be truly effective at detecting suspicious activity, you have to use AI and machine learning impactfully. In this podcast, we will talk about how you can use AI to improve effectiveness in AML and what common mistakes you should avoid when looking to invest in AI. We will also explore the crucial technologies you should consider investing in today as a step towards actionable AI. At the end of this podcast, listeners will be empowered to use AI to better understand their customer, understand their risk, and fight financial crime.


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