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ABA Pandemic Update


ABA Pandemic Update

In this episode:

Paul Benda, Senior Vice President, Operational Risk & Cyber Security, American Bankers Association

ABA SVP and resident virus expert Paul Benda discusses the latest on COVID-19, the vaccination effort and disease trends, and key updates for banks in a new 10-minute podcast. Tune in to “Pandemic Update” every Wednesday for free.

Episode Summary

ABA's Paul Benda provides the latest on COVID-19 cases and vaccination rates, noting that the vaccination of older Americans has reduced COVID deaths even as cases have risen in certain parts of the country. He also discusses a new coronavirus variant, the likelihood of resuming doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine soon and how to minimize risk of infection during air travel.

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Paul Benda
Paul Benda

Paul is the senior vice president for risk and cybersecurity policy at ABA. Paul joined the association in 2018 and leads initiatives in cybersecurity, physical security and information security practices, and chairs the ABA Fraud Coordination Group. In addition, he acts as a media spokesman for ABA and the banking industry on these issues. He currently helps coordinate ABA’s response to the coronavirus pandemic focusing on operational issues and return to normal operations strategies.  His past experiences include leadership positions in the Department of Homeland Security where he was head of research and development and in the Department of Defense where he was a DARPA Program Manager, and designed security systems for the Pentagon. Paul started his career in the U.S. Air Force and transitioned to the private sector where he worked as a consultant for Booz Allen before returning to government service.