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StandardC, Inc.

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  • Contact:
  • Robert Mann, Cheif Executive Officer
  • 445 Darien Way
  • San Francisco, CA 94127
  • StandardC, Inc.
StandardC provides financial service providers the tools and expertise to effectively and sustainably serve the $50Bn cannabis industry. Our ecosystem enables collaboration between business development, compliance, and third parties through a singular platform, to perform initial and ongoing due diligence, ACH transaction monitoring, and automated record retention.

Banking Cannabis with StandardC

Financial institutions who license the StandardC platform receive full access to the following services:

• Cannabis banking strategic planning, risk assessment, policies & procedures
• Access to the StandardC due diligence and transaction validation platforms
• Simplified onboarding and uniform application
• Advanced identity verification & KYC
• Initial Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
• Document management platform
• ACH origination (pre-transaction) KYC, KYCC, and AML testing, validation & settlement
• Record retention within an immutable distributed ledger audit and exam tools

Customer Acquisition

Seamlessly evaluate cannabis-related business prospects so you can focus on what you do best.
The StandardC provides access to pre-qualified prospects that fit your risk appetite. We thoroughly vet prospective cannabis-related businesses allowing you to speed up new account opening.

Pre-qualified prospects permit your Business Development and Compliance teams to conduct initial due diligence quickly. Focus your efforts on customer relationship building and enhanced due diligence. Our uniform application allows your customers to reduce repetitive due diligence requests, leading to a better experience.

Ongoing Monitoring

StandardC's pre-qualified cannabis-related business prospects are monitored for adverse events, including lapse or termination of licensure. If an event occurs, you will be notified by email and by alerts within your StandardC Dashboard. This feature allows you to build your business while focusing on enhanced due diligence and significant compliance issues.

Advisory Services

In addition to our standard services, we also offer advisory services from experts in cannabis banking, treasury management, banking examination, compliance, and insurance risk analytics and underwriting. Our subject matter experts are here to support our members, no matter what their needs may be.

Risk Assessment

The first step of serving the cannabis market is to conduct a risk assessment. StandardC helps you identify the known and less obvious inherent risks and develop risk mitigation strategies to defend against them. Once your compliance program is established, we can help as conditions and company guidance change.

Strategic Planning

We'll help you create a robust program framework and ensure you have the support to maintain it for years to come. Our team works hand-in-hand with your leadership team with all, but not limited to, the following services:

• Strategic business plan development and enhancement
• Establishment of strategic and concentration limits
Consultation with Asset & Liability Management (ALM), including:
o liquidity forecasting
o stress testing
o profitability analysis
o capacity analysis

Policy and Procedures
More than providing templates, we can help your institution develop appropriate compliance and risk management policies and procedures. Our hands-on approach to working with our network businesses to establish a suitable policy sets us apart. This is critical to ensure that your policy aligns with your strategic objectives, risk tolerance, products and services offered, and inherent capabilities. It's more than turnkey; it's collaboration and thoughtful development.

Audit and Examination Support
Our experienced bankers, including California's top former regulator of all financial institutions, are at hand and ready to assist. We can help you build a robust program to help prevent adverse action and can help you work through remediation steps that may be required.
Our record-retention technology simplifies audit and exam preparation. The StandardC immutable and encrypted ledger maintains comprehensive records of all actions taken, due diligence performed, and transactions processed through our platform.
  • Contact:
  • Robert Mann, Cheif Executive Officer
  • 445 Darien Way
  • San Francisco, CA 94127
  • StandardC, Inc.

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