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promontory mortgage path
promontory mortgage path Promontory MortgagePath LLC (PMP) delivers a modern and flexible set of mortgage fulfillment solutions unique in the market. With PMP’s solutions, banks can efficiently scale their mortgage operations whatever their current model. From models designed to introduce mortgage technology and boost processing power to complete solutions that include licensed loan coordinators, PMP combines a collaborative digital-mortgage platform with comprehensive fulfillment services, giving banks the technology and scalability required to compete in today’s market.

With PMP’s Platform solution, banks field their own loan officers to co-pilot the application process and collaborate with their borrowers via Borrower Wallet®. PMP then processes and underwrites each loan using client-provided business rules and closes in the bank’s name. With PMP’s Transform solution, PMP manages the mortgage business from app to close. Banks hand off interested customers via Borrower Wallet®; PMP manages the rest.

At this time of disruption, when digital delivery of core banking services is more important than ever, PMP’s innovative point-of-sale technology, Borrower Wallet® is especially valuable to banks not currently offering borrowers a digital lending experience. Borrower Wallet® delivers a consistent, transparent borrower experience while significantly enhancing lender compliance.

White-label branding allows banks to offer their customers a consistent experience across any device, and PMP’s seasoned operations professionals function as extensions of the bank team. Banks get the benefit of customized, cutting-edge technology and full-time fulfillment staff without the added expense.

Promontory MortgagePath invests in compliance, technology, and human resources so banks can focus on what matters most – delivering a superior loan journey and helping borrowers achieve their homeownership dreams.

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  • Promontory MortgagePath: Residential Mortgage Loan Fulfillment

    Mortgage & Home Finance

    Promontory MortgagePath combines extensive mortgage operations and compliance expertise with industry-leading technology to provide efficient, cost-effective mortgage fulfillment and due-diligence services. ABA members pay no implementation fees and get 10% off fulfillment fees.

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