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IntraFi Network


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IntraFi Network
IntraFi Network Promontory Interfinancial Network is now IntraFi Network. Having built the largest bank network of its kind, IntraFi Network is a trusted ally to banks that never competes for their customers and that helps financial institutions to attract and maintain valuable customer relationships, grow reciprocal deposits, manage liquidity, generate fee income, diversify funding, and reduce collateralization. Using IntraFi Network solutions, banks can offer customers access to millions in FDIC insurance on funds placed into demand deposit accounts, money market deposit accounts, and CDs.

IntraFi Network invented reciprocal deposits and is the industry’s #1 provider of reciprocal deposit placement products. Since its founding, service has been IntraFi’s principal interest. Through their full-service approach and easy-to-use solutions, IntraFi Network works to serve financial institutions better, so they are able to serve their customers better.

Institutions like yours are essential to the fabric of communities and the success of the financial ecosystem. IntraFi Network’s solutions can help your bank increase franchise value, enabling it to grow more profitably, manage liquidity more easily, and support more local lending.

Endorsed Solutions By This Associate Member

  • IntraFi Network Deposits


    Through ICS, IntraFi Network member banks can place customers’ funds in increments below the FDIC insurance maximum—allowing them to attract and retain large-dollar customers, replace higher-cost funding and reduce collateralization. Advance your success with innovative solutions vetted by ABA.

  • IntraFi Funding


    Promontory Interfinancial Network in now called IntraFi Network. CDARS, ICS, Insured Overnight Funding, and IND funding solutions are now called IntraFi Funding. IntraFi Network’s tailored funding solutions enable banks, large or small, to purchase cost-effective wholesale or retail funding — deposits, not borrowings — without credit lines, collateralization, or stock purchases.

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