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Overby-Seawell Company OSC

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overby seawell company
overby seawell company Overby-Seawell Company has been at the forefront of financial and risk management services for lender-based institutions since its inception over 20 years ago. OSC has earned a reputation for leadership and excellence in technical support for banks, consumer finance companies, credit unions and insurance entitles. OSC offers a comprehensive range of portfolio protection and financial risk management services to both large and small institutions. At the heart of its operation is the industry’s leading risk and collateral tracking system for loan portfolios. The system employs advanced technology to integrate and manage lending data. Embedded in the system is a wide array of analytical tools that enable our customers to quickly identify and isolate loan portfolio risks. Overby-Seawell is comprised of a talented team of professionals that pride themselves on teamwork, client relationships and outstanding customer service.

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