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global vision systems
global vision systems AI OASIS is an Artificial Intelligence technology center of the renowned GlobalVision Systems Group, the largest independent global supplier of Anti-Money Laundering, counter terrorist financing, regulatory compliance, fraud elimination, financial crimes prevention, consumer protection, and law enforcement solutions. AI OASIS uses many patented technologies to produce the innovative and powerful United AI NetworkTM which consists of thousands of machine-based officers. These officers have been deployed under the reputable products: Patriot Officer®, Guardian Officer®, Enquirer Officer®, and Champion Officer®. AI OASIS has established the de facto standards in the financial industry, the consumer protection industry, and the law enforcement industry.

Endorsed Solutions By This Associate Member

  • PATRIOT OFFICER® by GlobalVision Systems, Inc.

    Risk Management, Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering

    Global Vision Systems integrates AML, counter-terrorist financing and anti-fraud capabilities into a single streamlined system. The Patriot Officer’s transaction monitoring software detects and monitors suspicious activity and helps your bank comply with BSA/AML regs.

  • GUARDIAN OFFICER®, by GlobalVision Systems

    Compliance, Risk Management, Fraud, Data Security

    GUARDIAN OFFICER® system offers financial institutions a comprehensive scope of protection against losses and damages caused by fraud and financial crimes.

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