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3SI Security Systems

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3SI Security Systems
3SI Security Systems 3SI Security Systems is the leading Asset Protection Systems provider with solutions designed to recover stolen cash, help police apprehend criminals, deter crime, and provide peace of mind to staff members and your customers.

3SI's innovative solutions combat crime at financial institutions through technologies including GPS/GNSS tracking, cash staining, and branch safety/operational apps. Used in thousands of branches, the tracking, and staining technology protects cash in teller drawers, vaults, safes, ATMs, cash dispensing/recycling units, and in-transit. The SafeBanker App streamlines the branch open and close process, provides a robust Emergency Notification System including active threat, and records all actions to make reporting, analysis, and follow up easy.

With over 48 years' experience, 3SI is committed to help create a #SaferWorld. Our solutions boast a 70% success rate, have helped recover over $119M in stolen cash and assets, and led to the arrest of thousands of dangerous career criminals.

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