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Promontory Fulfillment Services: Residential Mortgage Loan Fulfillment

Provider: Promontory MortgagePath

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Promontory Fulfillment Services LLC (PFS) addresses many of the factors that make mortgage lending a challenging, costly and potentially high-risk business for community banks, including market cyclicality, productivity, compliance and technology.

The PFS solution enables ABA banks to offer mortgages in a profitable, efficient and customer-focused way. With access to a comprehensive set of mortgage origination and operations solutions, the bank determines its own product and loan pricing strategies.

ABA Member Discount

ABA members receive a 10% discount on loan fulfillment fees. Implementation fees are waived for ABA members.

ABA Vendor Product Review

Many ABA banks are re-evaluating their mortgage operations due to the increasing cost, complexity and liability brought about by a changing regulatory and rising interest rate environment. Promontory Fulfillment Services allows all ABA banks the option to continue offering their customers mortgages in a profitable, efficient, customer-focused way. Read ABA's review.


  • Continue to offer a core, relationship building product
  • Shift their loan manufacturing costs from fixed to variable basis
  • Offer a competitive, digital customer experience—without investing in expensive technology
  • Level the playing field with FinTech and digital lenders promising super quick, super easy loan decisions
  • Perform compliance loan reviews incorporating all current federal and state specific regulations throughout the process and through post-closing


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