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PATRIOT OFFICER® by GlobalVision Systems, Inc.: BSA and AML Transaction Monitoring Software


Provider: GlobalVision Systems, Inc.

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Patriot Officer loads a bank's transactional data and customer information data into a database that detects suspicious activities and helps your institution comply with BSA/AML regulations.

The system uses risk modeling to analyze and investigate suspicious activities. Risk-based intelligence and algorithms, as well as a high degree of precision in slicing data, creates an accurate alert and identification process. Solutions highlights include:

  • Monitors and detects suspicious cash, check, wire transfer, ACH, ATM, monetary instrument, and loan transactions etc. across all business lines
  • Scalable for banks of all sizes, fostering growth and expansion without any limitations
  • Available as either in-house or ASP solution
  • Interfaces with government networks for electronic CTR and SAR filings


  • Integrates anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing, and anti-fraud capabilities all into a single streamlined system
  • Fully compatible with your existing cores, for scalability and data accuracy that eliminates the need for third-party interface solutions
  • Uses advanced adaptive intelligence technology tied to the BSA/AML examination manual
  • Support and training from a dedicated staff of engineers


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