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OnTrax is an optional consulting service that supports banks’ use of ExecuTrax, another ABA endorsed solution from Marquis. The service helps banks that may not have the staff resources, time or interest in managing a database marketing tool. As a point of reference, one-third of Marquis’ new clients use both the ExecuTrax software and the OnTrax service to make the most of the available tools and resources, and to leverage their customer data.

With Ontrax support, experts develop marketing and other communications strategies and campaigns. They can also set up the bank’s automated marketing systems based on the bank’s objectives and manage the technical aspects of the MCIF, campaign execution, results reports, ROI metrics and more.

ABA Member Discount

ABA members receive set up and creative for 5 unique marketing automation triggers at no charge.


  • No additional staff required. Marquis' strategists act as an extension of your marketing department without the overhead.
  • Campaign tracking. When it's time to prove your results, you will have all the information you need with monitoring, measurement and results tracking support.
  • Strategic planning. Your goals are the starting point, as your Marquis strategist builds and drives your marketing tactics to achieve the results you need.


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December 14, 2020 | 02:00 PM ET

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