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NFP Executive Benefits: Risk Assessment Review of BOLI and Executive & Director Benefit Plans


Provider: NFP Executive Benefits


NFP helps banks evaluate product design options, explore applicable banking regulations, review tax law requirements that apply to bank-owned life insurance (BOLI), and provide recommendations for the BOLI portfolio that best suits the bank's investment philosophy through a thorough review process.

NFP consultants will review and evaluate your bank's current executive and director benefit plans to ensure they still meet the intended goals and objectives. The service includes annual review, ongoing guidance and compliance support.


  • Assists the bank in complying with the interagency guidance for conducting a BOLI risk assessment and annual review.
  • Assists the bank in reviewing, assessing and making changes as applicable to its existing BOLI and/or executive and director nonqualified benefit plans.
  • Provides ongoing guidance and objective feedback regarding the bank's executive benefit plans to allow the bank to accomplish its desired objectives.
  • Offers experienced resources to assist the bank with its BOLI policy and annual review and risk assessment requirements.
  • Provides a team of BOLI consultants and support staff offering strong technical and compliance support.



Moments in Life

NFP Executive Benefits (“NFP”) delivers nonqualified benefit and BOLI portfolio services to banks across the United States via its team of 180+ professionals.


Bank Owned Life Insurance and the Effects of COVID-19

October 20, 2020

Practical solutions for managing risk in the banking industry.



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