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ExecuTrax: Marketing Analytical Software and Professional Services by Marquis


Provider: Marquis

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ExecuTrax is a marketing and business intelligence tool that consolidates disparate data into a logical, accurate and easily-managed database built specifically for banks. This allows a marketing team to quickly examine data for patterns and trends, which can be used to drive income and reduce expenses–without the need for a separate analyst or involvement from IT.

The tool offers a single database with daily updates for current, valuable analysis, as well as TriggerPro, a marketing tool to automate and track campaigns and their response rates.

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  • Data is updated daily, meaning you can act quicker to communication opportunities.
  • No IT required for daily updates. Once the system is set up and validated, Marquis can host and update your data either on-premise or remotely.
  • Marketing automation included. TriggerPro helps you schedule and send each direct mail/email piece automatically, daily, for maximum results.


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