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ABA: The American Bankers Association
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ABA Endorsed Housing Solutions

Housing solutions endorsed by ABA designed to help banks assist those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional American Housing Month Resources


AmeriHome offers mortgage solutions for residential home loans, loan servicing and secondary market liquidity. The fourth largest correspondent investor in the country, and an approved seller/servicer for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Amerihome can purchase and service loans in 49 states. Learn more about Amerihome, Correspondent Mortgage Investor.


Built's digital collaboration platform automates the manual tasks connected with residential construction lending, enabling all parties to interact and collaborate with one another transparently, while collecting every file and document related to the transaction in one place. Learn more about Built, Construction Loan Management.


Does Your Bank want Business Continuity During COVID-19? Technology Is a Must.
This guide from ABA-endorsed solution, Confirmation, outlines how the company’s secure mortgage platform helps bankers meet mortgage customers’ needs from anywhere.

Fannie Mae

Navigating a new mortgage landscape
The impact of COVID-19 on homeowners has left mortgage lenders and servicers facing an unfamiliar landscape. Amid all the uncertainty, you can always turn to Fannie Mae for reliable information and steady guidance for you and your customers facing financial hardship. We’re here to help.


“Moving Forward with Mortgage” Reference Guide
This e-book outlines how community banks can support a healthier housing market during the pandemic and meet customers’ mortgage needs.


Game of Life Case Study
More than 45 million Americans hold a collective $1.5 trillion in student loan debt—and this number is growing. Gradifi’s products and resources can give your employees stability for both personal and professional success.


Mortgage Loan Subservicing: What Is It and How Can It Work for My Financial Institution?
For any small-to-midsize lender with a mortgage loan portfolio, read this white paper for information on in-house servicing of a loan level at 30,000 or less.

Promontory MortgagePath

The Importance of a Diverse Workforce in Transformative Times
During this dynamic, uncertain environment, banks are under pressure to make quick decisions in service to their diverse customer bases while simultaneously understanding the needs of and engaging their employees. With business models shifting dramatically and frequently, what impact do diversity and inclusion practices have on business performance? This article examines the relationship between diversity, inclusion and continued organizational and financial successes. 


Stearns Lending is a multi-platform provider of mortgage lending services for all types of financial institutions. Ranked top "wholesale residential lender" by Inside Mortgage Finance, Stearns business channels include wholesale, retail, correspondent lending and financial institution mortgage outsourcing services. Learn about Stearns Fulfillment, Retail, and Wholesale Services.