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Digital Threat Protection by Cyxtera: Anti-Phishing and Brand Protection


Provider: Cyxtera


Digital Threat Protection helps banks develop a proactive strategy to protect against digital external threats. By helping banks discover and eliminate threats, it drastically reduces criminal gains while deterring future attacks.

Features of the solution include: early phishing detection, monitoring of social media and imposter domains, intelligence about phishing websites that are ensnaring the most victims, detection and removal of imposter mobile apps, fraudulent email protection, dark web scanning for stolen and compromised payment cards and a dashboard illustrating your institution's digital threat data.


  • Continuously analyzes and monitors a wide range of sources across email, web and social media channels with custom and dataset integration like DMARC reports, abuse box and referrer weblogs
  • Quickly finds and confirms evidence of phishing and other attacks at scale by using different proprietary machine learning classification algorithms
  • Rapidly removes identified threats before customers or employees become aware of a disruption
  • Simple setup, with minimal resource investment and no integration required
  • Blocks BEC, fraudster emails and spoofed domains before they can reach customers and employees
  • Leverages existing data sources without manual integration to increase visibility, providing a more effective and proactive approach to detecting and mitigating external threats
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Victim Insights, a Feature of Digital Threat Protection


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