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NCR’s Allpoint is the largest surcharge-free ATM network worldwide with over 55,000 ATMs in leading national and regional merchant locations across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Australia and Mexico. In addition to cash out ATMs, Allpoint+ ATMs at approximately 2,000 locations offer cash in capabilities. Allpoint provides greater access, convenience and savings for cardholders while providing banks with the tools to compete more effectively and offer a better customer experience.

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ABA members save an average of 20 percent on implementation fees and an average of 15 percent on monthly fees.

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  • Access to the world's largest surcharge-free ATM network
  • A platform to retain and attract customers without additional investment or physical infrastructure
  • Banks pay only a one-time implementation fee and a monthly service fee based on the number of active cards. There is no need to reissue ATM cards.


Why Rethinking Your ATM Strategy is Key to Branch Transformation in 2021

December 02, 2020 | 02:00 PM ET

Learn how a different approach to the ATM channel - using a flexible, ready-made infrastructure - allows you to divert more resources to your digital platform while containing costs and providing an improved, streamlined consumer self-service experience.


One Year On from COVID-19: The Dramatic Changes Occurring in the ATM Distribution Channel

March 30, 2021 | 02:00 PM ET

COVID-19 reshaped consumer behavior in an unprecedented way. 2020 saw net closures of over 2,000 branches as banks directed customers toward digital banking platforms. However, a historical lack of investment in digital channels meant that some fell short in providing the streamlined experience expected by today's consumers. The pandemic served to highlight the investment shortcomings in the online channel and left many banks scrambling to update their digital capabilities to maintain exceptional customer service.


Using a Surcharge-Free ATM Network to Gain a Competitive Edge

March 30, 2022 | 12:30 PM ET

Your physical assets are critical, but you can go on the offense by providing customer access to an independent surcharge-free ATM network that extends your service delivery through cash out and cash in kiosks coast-to-coast.


Outsourcing Your ATM Channel: How to Find the Right Solution for Your Bank

June 09, 2022 | 02:00 PM ET

Join us on this webinar to learn how to select the right vendor for your outsourced ATM channel and more.




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