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Title XV: 15.5 Studies

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15.5 Studies

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15.5.     Studies.

15.5.1.  Study of Inspectors General. The Comptroller General is required to conduct a study of the independence, effectiveness, and expertise of presidentially appointed inspectors general.  The study is due within a year of enactment of the Act. [§1505]

15.5.2.  Study on Defining Core and Brokered Deposits. The FDIC is required to conduct a study regarding core deposits and brokered deposits.  The study is to evaluate (i) the definition of core deposits for the purpose of calculating the insurance premiums of banks; (ii) the potential impact on the Deposit Insurance Fund of revising the definitions of brokered deposits and core deposits to better distinguish between them; (iii) an assessment of the differences of the differences between core deposits and brokered deposits and their role in the economy and the banking sector; (iv) the potential stimulative effect on local economies of redining core deposits; and (v) the competitive parity between large institutions and community banks that could result from redefining core deposits.   The study is due within a year of enactment of the Act. This study is likely to continue the trend within the agencies of analyzing the stability of funds with less attention shown to whether the deposit meets current definition of "core" funding. [§1506]