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CFPB Ombudsman Releases Annual Report (12/8/17) The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Ombudsman's Office was selected as a model for other ombudsmen in federal agencies, according to the 2017 Ombudsman's Office 2017 Annual Report. The Ombudsman's Office was selected for being identified by peers as a positive model for ombudsmen in the federal sector and by researchers as "utilizing innovative or effective practices."

ABA Supports TCPA Exemption for Mortgage Servicing Calls During Disaster (12/8/17) In a comment letter to the Federal Communications Commission, ABA expressed support for easing rules for mortgage servicers to contact borrowers during a disaster or other emergency. The Federal Housing Finance Agency has petitioned the FCC for a ruling that servicing calls made during a disaster situation are exempted from the Telephone Consumer Protection Act’s consent requirement. Contact Jonathan Thessin with questions.


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