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Core Provider

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  • Functionality & Response to Areas of Focus

  • Quick Facts

Functionality & Response to Areas of Focus

Core Functionality

Lending Cloud. Supporting the full life cycle of all types of loans from origination to servicing to collections. Product factory able to create thousands of configurations of SME, consumer, mortgage, corporate and leasing product types.

Deposits Cloud. Supporting the full life cycle of all deposit products from current accounts to term deposits, with or without overdraft facility, and the full range of interest and fee calculation options. Full ability to customize data capture on account and tx level.

Current Accounts Cloud. Supporting the current/transactional accounts which are linked to debit or credit cards, including authorization holds, payment orders and standing orders with searchable and taggable transactions and account metadata.

Transactions and accounting. Full real-time balance sheet, profit-and-loss and trial balance visibility and transaction-level traceability on all account activity with fully customizable and searchable reference data.

Customer information. Track and store all customer data with fully configurable fields, multiple clients types and relationships. Manage individuals, businesses and groups with easy integration to external CRM or marketing systems.

Notification services. Automated SMS, emails and webbooks to inform customers of key account activity and support collection workflows. Fully templatable and styleable.

Reference data. Fully configurable data on customers, business, accounts and transaction for any field types and natively searchable.

Operational reporting. Highly flexible custom views, lookups, filters and sorting on all data across all object types, including custom fields. Searchable and sortable across all objects including customers, accounts and transactions.

Activity audit logs. Full traceability on all activity in the system from every changed field to every user action in a tamper-proof independent store for easy auditing.

Output management. Automatically generate statements and contracts, store all customer KYC and support bespoke documents.

Firm's Response to Core Committee's Key Areas of Focus

Mambu states that data is customer’s data; full access to data at any time via APIs or backups. No cost to access data.

Mambu is implementing open banking standards compliance globally through partners (such as SaltEdge for OpenBanking UK and PSD2 in Europe), or through providing open APIs and allowing banks to build their own solutions. FDX-compliant open banking partner is part of the marketplace roadmap.

Mambu states that they have public APIs documented on api.mambu.com for internal bank systems integrations. APIs are used to expose Mambu to 3rd parties (customers and data aggregators). Ecosystem components are used to expose Mambu APIs in a secure and compliant way.

(Including Exclusivity, Coterminous Contracts, Deconversion Fees, Limitation of Liability, SLAs and Early Termination Penalties)

Mambu states the following: 

  • Provides non-exclusive rights to access and use its SaaS. Customers may permit third-party access, but only for the purpose of providing service to that customer or for conducting business between the customer and the third party.
  • Offers a master services agreement as a single framework agreement in which the parties enter into one or more order form; expiration of these order forms is typically aligned. Mambu essentially offers only a single platform, its Core.
  • A subscription-based, multi-year (typically five), non-cancellable contracts and never imposes fees on customers that do not want to renew at the end of such contract period.
  • Customers are responsible for the remaining contract if termination were to be for convenience.
  • Regulated customers are solely responsible for complying with applicable law, and this responsibility cannot be shifted to Mambu. Applicable law includes the content of contracts, statements, forms and disclosures; content, delivery and timing of correspondence and communications with clients; interest rates and fees charged to clients; and marketing, originating, servicing, collecting and administering any products and services.
  • With the exception of a breach of confidentiality or usage restriction, neither party will be liable for: damages of character, including damages for lost goodwill, profits, sales or business, work stoppage, computer failure or malfunction, lost content or data, or for all other damages or losses; or damages, costs or liabilities in excess of the customer payments made during the 12 preceding months, less than customer’s payment obligations.
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee - 2 min failover on single datacenter failure. Continuous backups for 30 days. Active latency and performance monitoring.

Quick Facts

Quick Facts
Headquarters LocationBerlin, Germany
Year Established2011
Ownership ModelPrivate
Regionally Focused or NationalGlobal
Number of Cores Offered1
Name of Core SolutionMambu
Number of US Banks on the Core1
FunctionalityTrue SaaS banking cloud that supports lending, deposits and current/ checking account products, as well as subledger accounting.
Target Bank Asset SizeTiers 1-4
Business StrategyMambu states that they are focused on helping banks with their digital transformation journeys through a phased approach versus a full core “rip and replace.”