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Alloy Labs Alliance: An ABA Strategic Partnership

Build and leverage your innovative capacity to create value for your customers and shareholders.

2020 is a tipping point year. Massive investments in technology, creation of new products and the process of bundling and rebundling has remade the financial service landscape. The coming decade will see these effects ripple through the mainstream in what promises to be the greatest change the industry has ever seen. Alloy Labs Alliance provides the tools for banks to win in the coming era.

The Power of Shared Innovation

Alloy Labs Alliance—an ABA strategic partnership—is a member driven shared innovation lab that helps community and midsize banks identify, evaluate and implement new innovations and technologies, shortening the time between ideas and results. Joining the alliance helps your bank build a culture of innovation and implement new ideas and technologies that not only align with your business objectives, but also rapidly changing market realities.

ABA Members receive advantaged pricing and there are multiple options to help you focus on the areas that will create the most value. Each is separately priced, so you only pay for what you need, when you need it. Use the ABA member code: ABAmemeber.


Alloy Labs Alliance

Alliance membership gives you access to insights, research and reports, surveys and heatmaps, as well as peer discussions and benchmarking—a low-cost and low-risk way to jumpstart innovation at a fraction of the cost of building an entire innovation team.


Custom In-House Sessions

Banks can build internal innovation capacity through facilitated in-house sessions aligned with their unique situations and goals. Create the capacity to innovate, along with frameworks for decision-making, funding and risk management to drive repeatable, scalable and sustainable execution.

“We accomplished more in the last 24 hours than we typically do in 3 months” – Member Bank CIO


Peer Workgroups

Banks can join an Alloy Labs workgroup, where they will develop and evaluate solutions based on member needs, cost efficiency and risks. Economies of scale and cost sharing alone drive significant value, but the real power is comes from peer sharing and validation that lowers adoption risk and speeds time to value creation.

“This [part] is normally 80 hours of individual work boiled down to 2.5 hours…highly productive for fintech development.” – Member Bank Chief Strategy Officer


Blueprint and Implementation Kit

Banks can speed new products to market with specific peer-driven guidance that help them achieve faster adoption. Innovation Blueprints and Implementation Kits includes all Workgroup diligence, compliance, and risk management assessment documentation as well as a comprehensive adoption roadmap.

“It’s like buying into a 12-month project at month 9” – Member Bank Chief of Staff

Banker Roundtable Discussions

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