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TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule FAQs


This document is a compilation of common inquiries from ABA members regarding CFPB’s TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rules (TRID).  The information contained in this document is based on the applicable provisions of Regulation X and Regulation Z, official CFPB commentary, Federal Register preamble material, and formal and informal regulatory guidance.  ABA will update these FAQs to incorporate additional rulemaking or guidance issued by the CFPB.  ABA will continue to incorporate additional FAQs from ABA members as necessary.

ABA Summary/FAQs (November & December 2015 updates appear in red.)

CFPB Webinars

The CFPB released a series of webinars in 2014 to address implementation on the new TILA/RESPA Integration Disclosure Rule. In the list below, find an outline for each webinar with the associated CFPB information and additional ABA summary. Additionally, please see the question index provided by the CFPB for a summary of all the questions that have been answered.

Webinar 1
Conducted: June 17, 2014
Discussion Topics: Overview of the Final Rule. 
Overview Presentation - No individual FAQs provided.

Webinar 2
Conducted: August 26, 2014
Discussion Topics: Miscellaneous FAQs (topics include scope, record retention, etc.)
ABA Summary/FAQs

Webinar 3
Conducted: October 1, 2014
Discussion Topics: Completing the Loan Estimate Form FAQs
ABA Summary/FAQs

Webinar 4
Conducted: November 18, 2014
Discussion Topics: Completing the Closing Disclosure Form FAQs
ABA Summary/FAQs

Webinar 5
Conducted: May 26, 2015
Discussion Topics: Miscellaneous FAQs (topics include HELOCS, loan cost, etc.)
ABA Summary/FAQs

Webinar 6
Conducted: March 1, 2016
Discussion Topics: Construction Financing
ABA Transcript 

Webinar 7
Conducted: April 12, 2016
Discussion Topics: Miscellaneous Questions and Guidance
ABA Transcript