2003 Comments Filed on Proposed Regulations

Following is a list of all proposals or standards on which the ABA is preparing or has prepared comment. This list is sorted by due date, with the most current due date first.

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December 1, 2003 NCUA Conversion of Credit Unions to Mutual Savings Banks Filed
November 23, 2003 FEC Payroll Deduction Contributions to a Trade Association's Separate Segregated Fund Filed
November 17, 2003 FDIC, FRB, OCC, OTS Risk-based capital treatment of asset-backed commercial paper programs Filed
Final Rule 
November 3, 2003 FDIC, FRB, OCC, OTS Draft Supervisory Guidance on the Internal Ratings-Based Systems for Corporate Credit and Operational Risk Filed
October 20, 2003 FMS Federal Government Participation in ACH Filed
October 14, 2003 OCC, FRB, FDIC, OTS Interagency Guidance on Response Programs for Unauthorized Access to Customer Information and Customer Notice
Updated, March 2005
Final Rule
October 6, 2003 OCC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPR) amending Parts 7 and 34 Filed
Final Rule 
September 30, 2003 FRB Anti-Tying Restrictions of Section 106 of the Bank Holding Company Act Admendments of 1970 Filed
September 15, 2003 FDIC, FRB, OCC, OTS EGRPRA Reg Burden Review Filed
September 2, 2003 NCUA Proposal to modify definition of credit union organization Filed
August 29, 2003 FDIC Proposal to update and simplify regulations governing the deposit insurance coverage of living trust accounts Filed
Final Rule
August 22, 2003 FinCEN ABA responds to FinCEN's Strategic Plan Filed
July 31, 2003 Treasury ABA's Response to Section 326 Notice of Inquiry Filed
July 14, 2003 OCC Delay in Certain Regulations on DCCs and DSAs on 3rd-Party, Closed-End Loans Filed
June 30, 2003 DOL Proposal to update the requirements for the white-collar overtime exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Filed
Final Rule
June 23, 2003 Treasury Comment on the Proposed rule re: endorsement and payment of Treasury checks Filed
June 23, 2003 OCC Proposed Revisions to International Banking Regulations Filed
June 3, 2003 NCUA Member Business Loans Filed
May 30, 2003 Federal Maritime Commission Comment on the Proposed changes re: establishment of passenger vessel operator financial responsibility Filed
May 1, 2003 FTC Comment on the Proposed Telemarketing Sales Rule Fees  Filed
April 21, 2003 FinCen BSA Conditional Exception Filed
April 8, 2003 FRB Proposed HMDA (Reg. C) Transition rules Filed
April 8, 2003 OCC

Proposed Corporate Governance Rules

March 31, 2003 OFAC/Treasury

Comment on the Proposed Economic Sanctions Enforcement Guidelines

March 28, 2003 OCC Preemption of Georgia Law Filed
March 24, 2003 OTS Proposed TFR Changes for 2004 Filed
March 14, 2003 HUD

FHA regulations

March 11, 2003 OCC Proposed Amendments to Public Welfare Investment Authority Filed
Final Rule
March 10, 2003 DOL Automatic Rollovers RFI Filed
February 5, 2003  Treasury President's Commission on the US Postal Service; Issues for Consideration Filed
January 31, 2003  NCUA

Organization and Operations of Federal Credit Unions

January 28, 2003  NCUA

Proposed Abbreviated Net Worth Restoration Plan

January 27, 2003  Treasury

Sec. 311 - Designation of Jurisdictions

January 27, 2003  FRB Proposed changes to the Regulation Z Commentary Filed
Final Rule
January 23, 2003 Treasury Patriot Act Task Force Filed
January 7, 2003 FDIC, FRB, OCC Proposed Revisions to the 2003 Call Reports Filed
January 3, 2003 FinCEN Revised SAR Financial Institutions Filed

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