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What We Stand For: Consistent Regulations

Protect consumers with consistent regulation

The way that financial products and services are provided to consumers—and the landscape of entities that provide them—has evolved significantly over the last several years. Regulations must be tailored to the activity, not the institution. Appropriately tailored regulations ensure customers have access to the banking services they need and financial services providers are held to equal standards of consumer protection.

Equivalent regulation, oversight and consumer protections across all financial service providers

A regulatory framework that is both uniform and responsive to changing needs provides equivalent consumer protections, data security standards and prudential oversight across all financial services providers and holders of financial data. All policy changes should be transparent, with public confidence in the financial system at the forefront.

What We’re Working On

Minimize government subsidization and distortion of the financial services marketplace

A level playing field for financial services providers of every scope—and eliminating market inequities among them—will ensure banks can continue to evolve, compete and innovate to meet customer needs.

What We’re Working On

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