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ACRE Act Enactment

ABA Position

The Access to Credit for our Rural Economy Act, also known as ACRE, will help sustain and grow rural America by making it easier for farmers, ranchers and rural homeowners to access low-cost credit.

ACRE will:

  • Lower the cost of making a loan backed by agricultural real estate, thereby increasing community bank participation in the rural real-estate market. 
  • Enhance competition between lenders for agricultural and rural housing loans, lowering the cost of credit for rural borrowers.
  • Help expand access to local credit in rural America by enabling more community banks to make agricultural real estate and rural home loans.

ABA encourages members of Congress to:

Cosponsor ACRE. Helping farmers, ranchers and rural homeowners gain easier access to competitive, low-cost credit is a bipartisan priority. Demonstrate your support for this important effort by co-sponsoring the legislation.

Hold Hearings on ACRE.. The House Agriculture and Ways and Means committees and the Senate Agriculture and Finance committees have jurisdiction over this legislation. We urge these panels to hold hearings on the value of ACRE to farmers, ranchers and rural homeowners.

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