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Press Release

ABA Partners with California Bankers Association to Release Ads Supporting Rep. Lou Correa

Lou Correa understands the important role that banks play in building communities.

The American Bankers Association, in partnership with the California Bankers Association, is releasing ads as soon as today across a variety of platforms in support of Representative Lou Correa’s (D-Calif.) re-election to represent California’s 46th Congressional district.
“Lou Correa understands the important role that banks play in building communities, and supports good public policy that helps those banks serve their customers,” said ABA president and CEO Rob Nichols. “He has a track record of working across the aisle to promote commonsense banking policy that helps his constituents.”
The ads will appear in English, Spanish and Vietnamese, and in multiple formats, including print, radio and digital. The digital ad features Rep. Correa’s willingness to put aside partisan politics and support policies that help communities thrive.
ABA is identifying races ahead of the November elections where bankers’ support can make a difference and is backing both Democratic and Republican candidates that embrace good economic policies that allow banks to better serve their customers.
“We are excited to partner with ABA to support the re-election of Lou Correa, an ardent supporter of California’s communities and the banks that help those communities grow,” said California Bankers Association President and Chief Executive Officer Simone Lagomarsino. “Representative Correa has proven that Congress functions at its best when Democrats and Republicans work together to enact smart policies that support economic growth.”
The ad will begin appearing in California as soon as today. Click here to see the ad in full.


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The American Bankers Association is the voice of the nation’s $18.6 trillion banking industry, which is composed of small, regional and large banks. Together, America’s banks employ more than 2 million men and women, safeguard $14.5 trillion in deposits and extend more than $10.5 trillion in loans.

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