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ABA: Treasury Recommendations Would Strengthen Banks' Role in Financial Marketplace

          “The recommendations in today’s Treasury report are practical, reasonable and achievable.  Building on the Treasury’s pro-growth report in June, these recommendations would promote economic growth by enhancing banks’ ability to serve their customers and reinforcing our industry’s role in supporting well-functioning financial markets.
          “Treasury acknowledges the economic benefits gained by better focusing regulatory provisions to make them more workable.  Key recommendations include broadening liquidity measures, better aligning capital requirements with securitization risks, facilitating banks’ ability to use swaps to manage their customers’ risks, and bringing more public transparency to global financial standard setting to ensure standards match the realities of U.S. markets.  
          “Many of the recommendations in the report would make it easier to raise capital, meet the needs of bank customers operating domestically and abroad, and focus regulatory processes on effective supervision without harming the economy.  We encourage policymakers to take up these recommendations quickly, and look forward to working with them to ensure banks can continue to help our customers and the economy grow.” 


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