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West Dallas Partnership Initiative

Texas Capital Bank (Honorable Mention) - Dallas, Texas

2021 Community Commitment Awards Submission

  • Entry Category: Community and Economic Development
  • Asset Size: Medium

Texas Capital Bank, N.A., is a mid-sized regional, commercial bank based in Texas. Texas Capital Bank's community involvement is rooted and focused on supporting local Texas communities. The bank first started its community partnership program in 2010 in West Dallas, a historically under-resourced and neglected community whose defining landmark was a lead-smelting plant. The program began with a single community development officer walking the streets of the neighborhood, meeting the residents, and engaging with nonprofits. Now, over a decade later, Texas Capital Bank has opened a De Novo branch, financed a major development that has created hundreds of jobs, engaged with all the area nonprofits, and led community initiatives including Homeownership Preservation and an ESL class to support career development for many non-English-speakers in the area.

Texas Capital Bank Community Development Corporation (TCCDC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the bank which exists to make loans and investments in underserved communities. TCCDC is able to offer greater flexibility with credit requirements to address the specific needs of these communities. This entity is the motor that powers community development through lending and investments, creating real, tangible impact.

The West Dallas Initiative began in 2010 and was adopted as a blueprint to be used in all of Texas Capital Bank's markets, including Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. As the plan evolved, it became a holistic community partnership in model and in execution. The partnership spans community groups, civic leaders, nonprofits, developers, businesses, and more, who share a common goal of empowering and transforming the community to become healthy, resilient, and prosperous.