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Shalom Transformational Services

M&T Bank - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

2020 Community Commitment Awards Submission

  • Entry Category: Affordable Housing
  • Asset Size: Large

Shalom House (est. 1986) in recent years has taken the lead in evaluating specific successes in helping persons experiencing homelessness and poverty issues in our city overall, to transition to stability, independence and sustainability. SH has set forth a plan to create viable partnerships and collaborations towards establishing a healthy and whole community, one healthy and whole person at a time by interrupting the outcome of homelessness by attending to the root issues surrounding poverty, and providing a sound pathway to independence and sustainability. Through ongoing evaluations of services, and evaluating overall effectiveness, certain key components were affirmed as critical to breaking the chains of poverty and homelessness:

  1. Strong mentor/coaching support mechanisms need to be in place to help persons in need with, “doing life” for a timeframe that helps to create healthy productive habits & choices for the long term;
  2. Wrap-around services through transitions that need to be in place that allow growth, freedom and positive results (incl. situational housing) that allows for consistency of supports and services that facilitate long term empowerment of persons who have been trapped in low income/poverty situations, often generationally;
  3. Facilitate access to day care and education/training for single parents so that the potential for wage-appropriateness is expanded;
  4. transportation issues;
  5. maintain focus on the "building up of people" incl. eco. develop.