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Rebuild the Heartland Community Fund

FNBO - Omaha, Nebraska

2020 Community Commitment Awards Submission

  • Entry Category: Affordable Housing
  • Asset Size: Medium

During the spring of 2019, deep accumulated snow, an abrupt rise in temperatures, and heavy rainfall created historic flooding across the Midwest that lasted well into the summer months. Many of the communities FNBO serves throughout Nebraska, western Iowa, and southeastern South Dakota were impacted by devastating flooding. The result was more than billion in damages that are expected to take more than a decade to recover from:

  • million in infrastructure damage
  • million in livestock losses
  • million in crop losses
  • 3,425 homes damaged or lost
  • 340 businesses damaged or destroyed

To assist with the long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts, particularly as they related to helping families repair or rebuild their homes, FNBO partnered with the Nebraska Community Foundation to establish the Rebuild the Heartland Community Fund. The fund raised enough to award ,000 in grants from within three funding categories:

  • ,000 in Housing Rebuilding Assistance and New Housing Construction grants to provide housing-related individual assistance support to repair and/or rebuild homes.
  • ,000 in Flood Mitigation Assistance, which is a FEMA requirement for homeowners within a flood plain to make necessary repairs to their flood-damaged homes. These funds offset the homeowner's required 25% contribution in order to repair homes/mitigate against future flooding.
  • ,000 toward the establishment othe Midwest Housing Network.

Learn more: rebuildtheheartland.org