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Northeast Bank Volunteer Program

Northeast Bank (Honorable Mention) - Minneapolis, Minnesota

2020 Community Commitment Awards Submission

  • Entry Category: Volunteerism
  • Asset Size: Small

Northeast Bank's volunteer program enables bank employees to become a part of the communities we serve by supplying volunteers to local nonprofits. In addition to hands on volunteering, the Bank also provides local non-profits with funding and corporate guidance. In 2019 alone, board members, officers, and employees logged over 3,200 volunteer hours as members of organizations, supporters of worthy community projects, and workers at events. This comes out to an average of 41 hours of volunteering PER employee! At Northeast Bank, a minimum number of annual volunteer service hours are required by each employee. Another unique component of our volunteer program is that the bank not only encourages and supports employee's volunteer efforts; they also pay each employee their hourly wage for their time. Now more than ever during these unprecedented times, our volunteer program is crucial to supporting our community and addressing the specific needs of our neighbors.