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NDB Cares

North Dallas Bank & Trust Co. (Honorable Mention) - Dallas, Texas

2021 Community Commitment Awards Submission

  • Entry Category: Volunteerism
  • Asset Size: Small

North Dallas Bank & Trust (“NDBT”) was built upon a foundation of promoting growth, progress and success for every member of every community we serve. We value opportunities to serve and have long embraced the chance we have as financial service professionals to help others move forward in business and in life. Historically, our efforts have been both organic and ad hoc. While this approach was reasonably effective, we wanted to achieve more.

In 2019, NDBT launched NDB Cares, our employee-led initiative created to bring a more formalized and strategic approach to our service efforts. It has brought a greater coordination of effort, a more efficient investment of resources and a quantifiable impact. NDB Cares has grown to become a vital component to our culture, bringing essential focus to our community service efforts, providing vision, inspiration and resources to our employees to make the NDB mission a way of life every day.

Through NDB Cares, our bank is better able to:

  1. Elevate the community service aspect of our Mission Statement;
  2. Educate our employees regarding service opportunities, methodologies and resources available for community service;
  3. Equip our employees for meaningful participation in community service, and;
  4. Tell the collective story of the Bank’s impact in every community it serves.

NDB Cares takes the point position in engaging and working with various community service agencies and organizations in our communities. The Vision Statement for NDB Cares states it perfectly: “Fulfilling our Mission through care and community service.”

We are honored to collaborate with organizations with a variety of meaningful endeavors, such as providing financial literacy, supplying food for needy families, and preventing child abuse.