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Long Beach Everyone In Economic Inclusion Initiative

Wells Fargo Bank (Honorable Mention) - Long Beach, California

2020 Community Commitment Awards Submission

  • Entry Category: Economic Inclusion
  • Asset Size: Large

Wells Fargo helped establish Long Beach Center for Economic Inclusion, an anchor institution in the most economic distressed in the city. In 2017, the City of Long Beach (CA) put forth an Economic Blueprint to augment development. An aspect of this plan was economic inclusion, which focused on communities of color and individuals most under resourced. Called the Everyone In Economic Inclusion Initiative, it started out as a city driven community program and evolved into the establishing a community development corporation (CDC) 501c3, Long Beach Center for Economic Inclusion (The Center). Serving as an anchor institution in this public-private partnership and corroborating community partners and resources, Long Beach Center for Economic Inclusion has a mission to expand inclusive economic opportunities to all communities in Long Beach through culturally sensitivity and in language support. Areas of focus include Housing and Homeownership, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Support, Workforce and Youth Development, and Economic Resiliency (Connectedness). Today, The Center has connected with hundreds of residents and provided in language services while collaborating with city and various nonprofit partners to assure that there is access to upward mobility for all.