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Jack and Nancy Dwyer Workforce Develo

CFG Bank (Honorable Mention) - Baltimore, Maryland

2021 Community Commitment Awards Submission

  • Entry Category: Community and Economic Development
  • Asset Size: Small

CFG Bank (CFGB) owner and chairman of the board, Jack Dwyer, formed The Jack and Nancy Dwyer Workforce Development Program, a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to help resolve the effects of systemic poverty and inequality and help resolve the turnover crisis and burnout due to staffing shortages in the healthcare industry by creating a pathway to advance career opportunities in the nursing profession. CFGB donated million to jumpstart the program. As part of this initiative, CFGB partnered with and donated million to Living Classrooms, a non-profit serving Baltimore and Washington DC, whose mission is to create safer, stronger and healthier communities for children, youth and adults. The donation to Living Classrooms will be used in the renovation and new construction of the Living Classrooms Bauer Building that will house the training for healthcare workers.

The Jack and Nancy Dwyer Workforce Development Program’s purpose is to provide Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA) training and entry-level job positions to unemployed and underemployed individuals who aspire to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. The Program will support job placement and retention of students at healthcare facilities, assisted living facilities and nursing homes, and provide proper training, while identifying goals to achieve over several years. After achieving those goals, students will be awarded a scholarship to attend nursing school to achieve the goal of a Registered Nurse (RN) license.

The million donation to the Jack and Nancy Dwyer Workforce Development Program will be used toward underwriting the initial CNA and GNA program curriculums, startup expenses and staff hires, as well as future programming and scholarships.