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Giving Back, Giving Together (2020)

C&N Bank - Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

2020 Community Commitment Awards Submission

  • Entry Category: Community & Economic Development
  • Asset Size: Small

C&N’s Giving Back, Giving Together program was launched five years ago out of a desire to do more for our local neighbors in need. While giving back to our communities has always been ingrained in our culture, we wanted to create a formal structure that would encourage our employees to get involved and drive the efforts to truly make a difference. The organization of a company-backed program has not only given us a consistent path towards community involvement across our entire footprint, but we have found that it is also bringing our teammates closer together than ever before, by working as one cohesive team towards a common goal. In the inaugural year of Giving Back, Giving Together (or “GBGT” as we have come to call it) we supported local food banks. We set the goal at ,000 and told our employees to get creative and have fun with it. Our employees took ownership of the program by putting together fundraisers and collecting donations. They breathed life into the GBGT program and made it the success that it is today. That first year, we far exceeded our initial goal by raising over ,000! Five years later, GBGT continues to build momentum. Each year, we have raised an average of ,000 for the cause that we support. Past causes include support for food banks, emergency services, children in need, public libraries and most recently our military servicemembers. And we’re proud to say that every dollar raised from GBGT stays local to help people in our own backyards.