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Fulton Forward (2021)

Fulton Bank, N.A. - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

2021 Community Commitment Awards Submission

  • Entry Category: Financial Education
  • Asset Size: Medium

Fulton Forward is Fulton Bank’s initiative to further promote the building of vibrant communities through programs, products, and services, designed to foster affordable housing, drive economic development, and promote education and financial literacy in the neighborhoods served by its banking subsidiaries.

Through Fulton Forward, Fulton Bank works to ensure that the right combination of financial education resources and financial knowledge are in place to offer people the opportunity to find and keep a safe, stable, and affordable place to call home.

As a financial institution, Fulton believes it’s the company’s responsibility to help people feel knowledgeable and confident with their finances. Through Fulton Forward, Fulton Bank pledges to help people manage personal finances to reach their goals and help change their lives for the better through financial literacy and education.

In July 2020, Fulton Bank announced the establishment of the Fulton Forward® Foundation, an independent, non-profit private foundation funded by Fulton Bank that will provide financial impact gifts of ,000 or more to 501(c)3 community organizations that share Fulton’s vision of advancing economic empowerment, particularly in underserved communities. Fulton Forward is a combination of financial contributions, partnerships with nonprofits, and Fulton’s own team members providing their expertise to advance financial literacy in our communities.

To more about this commitment, please see the Fulton Forward Initiative video: