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Become a Fraud Fighter

Bank of Ann Arbor - Ann Arbor, Michigan

2021 Community Commitment Awards Submission

  • Entry Category: Financial Education
  • Asset Size: Small

2020 has become synonymous with the term ‘unprecedented,’ and like many organizations throughout 2020, the health and safety of Bank of Ann Arbor’s customers and employees became our primary objective. Since face-to-face exchanges were no longer optimal, our financial institution looked for ways to adapt our services throughout the pandemic, this included modifying our financial literacy programming.

Increases of fraud cases, in conjunction with COVID-19 cyber scams, prompted our Cash Management Team to develop the program “Become a Fraud Fighter: What you need to know now to protect your business and your accounts.” Presented via Zoom and hosted by our Cash Management Team: Christine Held Vice President, Cash Management, Kim Snow Cash Management Officer, and Jessica Salerno Electronic Banking and Fraud Analyst;“Become a Fraud Fighter” has to date provided 70 customers and community partners with the tools to protect their information.

The presentation begins by recognizing 81% of organizations experience fraud or attempted payment fraud. Our Cash Management Team reviews with our attendees the most common types of fraud and provides information to help keep their information secure. Topics include Email Compromise, Account Takeover, and steps to take if a check is either forged or stolen. Our team presents solutions to help prevent fraud including enrolling in Positive Pay programs, along with tips to increase cyber-awareness within an organization.

Registered attendees are sent a .00 coffee gift card to enjoy a treat during the lecture, along with a bingo card. The bingo squares contain topics to be covered during the lecture, as well as prompts to ask questions and promote engagement during the program. The first three attendees to complete their bingo card are sent an additional prize.