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Elder Financial Health and Safety in the 21st Century

TBK Bank, SSB - Dallas, Texas

2020 Community Commitment Awards Submission

  • Entry Category: Protecting Older Americans
  • Asset Size: Medium

Elder Financial Health and Safety in the 21st Century was an idea created over the lunch table in late 2018. TBK Bank partnered with local non-profit Ascendant Community Education (ACE) were talking about ways to partner together. ACE exists to improve the lives of affordable housing residents by providing them with supportive services that are educational and otherwise beneficial. It was mentioned how great the need is in the Dallas community for older adults to learn about fraud attempts. Americans are scammed out of billions of dollars each year, and scams can be particularly devastating for senior adults living on a limited and fixed income. The more technology advances, the more sophisticated the scams become, and the harder it is for older Americans to keep up and stay vigilant to protect themselves. TBK Bank has a commitment to serving our community as well as a supply of resources in our banking professionals who would be able to provide the type of training ACE had identified as necessary for this older generation. A partnership between ACE, TBK Bank, and The Elder Financial Safety Center was formed to offer the class 'Elder Financial Health and Safety in the 21st Century.' We offered this class on two different days at two sister apartment communities for low-income seniors. The class was completely free and all residents were invited to attend, receive a free lunch, and hear from the speakers and learn how they can protect themselves from fraud.