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Echar Pa'lante (Move Forward)

Banco Popular de Puerto Rico - San Juan, Puerto Rico

2020 Community Commitment Awards Submission

  • Entry Category: Community & Economic Development
  • Asset Size: Medium

Since 2012, Banco Popular de Puerto Rico has been serving as lead integrator, facilitator and engine of the Echar Pa'lante (EPL) Multisector Alliance with the mission to accelerate the development of an entrepreneurial culture in Puerto Rico, as a means to restore socio-economic growth. Today, EPL counts with over 500 organizational allies and 3,000 individual volunteers from the Academia, Private Sector, Non-Profit Organizations, Government Agencies and the Solidarity Movement that collaborate in the implementation of three main strategies:

  1. movement building through multisector leaders forums and purposeful development of collaboration communities,
  2. capacity building of a critical mass of K-16 educators and entrepreneur support practitioners through a robust certification program in entrepreneurship and innovation -validated by the International Council for Small Business- and
  3. build systems to stimulate entrepreneurship at the school, college and community level.

EPL is led by an advisory board/think tank, that developed models to integrate entrepreneurship education in the intermediate, high school and college curriculums, and systems to transform educational institutions into enterprising communities. The EPL school transformation model became public policy of the Department of Education currently impacting over 50,000 students a year, and the college system has been adopted by the seven largest universities that represent over 70% of postsecondary students.